# Features

dotLottie offers powerful enhancements to simplify the use, styling, and interaction with Lottie animations, saving you time in both the animation creation and programming processes.

# Multi-animation support

dotLottie files can contain multiple animations within a single file. These animations are decompressed when selected through the dotLottie player to conserve CPU resources.

Learn how to create multi-animation .lotties here.

# Theming support

Bundle various themes within your .lottie file, allowing for easy customization of your animations. Define different themes as a Lottie slots object to override animation properties on the fly, including colors, stroke widths, gradients, and any Lottie animated property, all while ensuring that the animations remain lightweight and high-performing.

Learn more about theming here.

# Interactivity

Enable interactivity by incorporating your own state machine definitions within your .lottie file. State machines enable you to create a wide range of interactive scenarios for your animations. When bundled within a multi-animation .lottie, you can switch between animations based on user interactions and events.

Read more about interactivity and state machines here.